This is a user-friendly and concise Thai phrase book and guide to Thai slang and Thai curses. The Thai people love fun and laughter. They appreciate foreigners who speak their language. But how would they react to foreigners who throw insults in the Thai language and know how to make them blush at the use of direct and vulgar Thai words? This Thai phrasebook, while designed to teach non-Thais to understand that spoken language on the street or in everyday life, also teaches powerful words that could easily get them punched in the face-probably worse. So, be cautious. This little book contains powerful words. A non-Thai, especially a Westerner, will appreciate the opportunity to learn some really strong and direct language that his Thai colleagues would rather he not know. Learn how to call someone hot or ugly, a walrus or a potbelly, stupid or a hypocrite. Know how to put off lechers by saying "Piss off!" in the strongest possible way. Intended for just about anyone who wants to get the most reactions from any Thai within hearing distance, this book is simply the best reference you need to survive Thailand.Not just a simple phrasebook, Outrageous Thai teaches how to really speak Thai, and understand the Thai language. Know what Thais really mean and answer back. Features of this Thai phrasebook are: Compact travel size. Hundreds of colourful Thai phrases organized by topic and use. Extensive explanations of context and culture. All phrases shown in written Thai script, Romanised Thai and English. Intended for students of all levels and anyone interested in how Thai is really spoken, this book is absolutely indispensable for foreigners who live in Thailand and want to know what is being said when someone insults you in Thai!

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Publication Date Oct 01, 2016
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