In the field of branding logos have to be optimized for smart phones, tablets, TVs, desktops and meet users' needs at the same time, with design variants for all types of physical and digital supports, in a trend known as responsive logos. This book features with detailed analysis examples to help designers make logos that are both useful and stylish in this digital era.  Technological evolution gives people the possibility to receive information from different sources by means of various devices. In the field of branding, logos have to be optimised for smart phones, tablets, TVs and desktops and meet users' needs at the same time. It's not new; traditionally, a designer is used to preparing a few variants of the same logo to use for different purposes (horizontally, vertically, short, tall, small, etc.) in different media (book covers or spine, advertisements, positive/negative...).

Book features :

  • This book features examples to help designers make logos that are both useful for all formats and supports and stylish in this digital era.
  • Responsive logos, a new branding trend essential for designers who want to stay current.
  • Logos adapted to all types of formats.
  • Giant brands such as Coca-Cola, Nike and Chanel already have brand variants adapted to each scenario.
  • How brands need to be adapted to the multitude of current digital devices.
  • colour illustrations throughout
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