Ford Bronco offers a complete history, from the original Bronco's introduction as a 1966 model through the following four generations ending in 1996 all the way to Ford's all-new, brilliantly styled Bronco introduced for the 2021 model year.
When Ford introduced the Bronco for the 1966 model year, its intent was to get a slice of the off-road and outdoor enthusiast utility market then owned by the popular Jeep CJ and International Harvester Scout. What Ford couldn't know at the time was that it was creating a legend-a rugged, square-shouldered vehicle that would exist in its original form through 1977 and in various guises for a further 20 years, wrapping up its first life in 1996.

Since the Bronco's retirement, the SUV/crossover sector has become the dominant segment of the automotive market. Nearly all manufacturers-even exotics like Lamborghini and Bentley-offer SUVs in their line-ups. In fact, Ford has largely discontinued passenger vehicles (except the Mustang) in favor of trucks and SUVs. Simultaneously, the collector market has turned its eye to vintage SUVs and trucks, the former growing significantly over the past 5 years. Classic Broncos have doubled in value over that period, regularly selling at prices ranging from $40K to $100K.
The story picks up in 2017 when Ford announced plans to revive one of its most hallowed nameplates: Bronco. Brilliantly styled to pick up the beloved, boxy cues of the original, customers began dropping deposits as soon as the order books opened. Ford still struggles to meet demand with speculators flipping new Broncos on the secondary market for thousands over invoice.

Beautifully produced and expertly written, Ford Bronco is a must-have book for all Bronco and SUV enthusiasts.

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