DICE AGE นักล่ายุคหิน

The Dice Age cometh! You and your men spend day and night hunting to provide for your tribe. There are 6 Hunting Grounds in total. Each tribe sends their hunter into those grounds,competing to be the most worthy hunters: the only ones allowed to hunt in that particular Hunting Ground. Only one thing is certain: the more hunters, the better chance of success! Your tribe will thrive in its own unique way over the course of 4 generations: 4 rounds of gameplay. Whatever the means, the goal of all tribes is the same: to become the true ruler of the Dice Age! To hunt, to prosper, and to become the most powerful tribe of them all!

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ISBN 8857125697026
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Author บริษัท ทาวเวอร์ แทคติก เกม จำก
Publisher บริษัท ทาวเวอร์ แทคติก เกม จำกัด
Language Thai
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