LIVE REACT Mode Guide :
* The color may appear cloudy or appear as a different color when the battery is low.
* This light stick responds to a specific music. The music response data is not entered. You must update the light stick after purchasing.
* Update the light stick software and performance information (music response data) using your app. Press and hold the button for 2 seconds to reboot after updating.
* If you do not download the music response data there may be no response from the light stick or it may respond incorrectly.
* The light stick has a built-in mic that recognizes music. The light stick response may be disrupted by wearing earphones or loud noises.
* The light stick may have problems recognizing music depending on the environment you use them in. This is not a product defect and you will not be able to demand exchange/returns based on this reason.

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Book Format : Stationery
Availability : Dispatch in 3-5 Business days
More Information
ISBN 9808492006091
Weight (kgs.) 0.22
Book Size (cm.) 16.3 x 26.8 x 9.5
Dimension Length(ยาว)(CM) 26.80
Dimension Width(กว้าง)(CM) 16.30
Dimension High(สูง/หนา)(CM) 9.50
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